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Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Nov 16, 2004
~5 hours play time

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Mangadude901 Jan 7, 2018 22 5:02:27 GameCube RSS
The war's darkest hour shall be your finest. Repel the german invaders from Stalingrad, fight across the north African desert as the Desert Rats, and push through Germany as a member of the Big Red One.
Part 1: Opening
 1:45  Opening
Part 2: Not One Step Back
 10:14  Eastern Front Not One Step Back
Part 3: The Flag Must Fall
 10:04  Eastern Front The Flag Must Fall
Part 4: Dead In Her Sights
 14:46  Eastern Front Dead In Her Sights
Part 5: Defend the Factory
 13:05  Eastern Front Defend the Factory
Part 6: Breakdown
 12:05  Eastern Front Breakdown
Part 7: Into Red Square
 8:32  Eastern Front Into Red Square
Part 8: Op: Little Saturn
 14:14  Eastern Front Op: Little Saturn
Part 9: Airfield Ambush
 15:06  Eastern Front Airfield Ambush
Part 10: Mission: Matmata
 15:58  North Africa Mission: Matmata
Part 11: Depot Saboteurs
 12:39  North Africa Depot Saboteurs
Part 12: A Desert Ride
 5:50  North Africa A Desert Ride
Part 13: Raiding the Fortress
 12:34  North Africa Raiding the Fortress
Part 14: First City to Fall
 23:23  Western Front First City to Fall
Part 15: Underground Passage
 12:02  Western Front Underground Passage
Part 16: Surrender at Aachen
 12:02  Western Front Surrender at Aachen
Part 17: Come Out Fighting (1)
 19:06  Western Front Come Out Fighting (1st part)
Part 18: Come Out Fighting (2)
 12:48  Western Front Come Out Fighting (2nd part)
Part 19: Road to Remagen
 23:36  Western Front Road to Remagen
Part 20: Last Bridge Standing
 20:20  Western Front Last Bridge Standing
Part 21: Into the Heartland
 26:51  Western Front Into the Heartland
Part 22: Credits
 5:27  Credits

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