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Sonic Heroes
Jan 5, 2004
Sonic Team
~10 hours play time

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EMPBLMMMSD Mar 14, 2017 34 4:00:02 GameCube RSS
My ninth walkthrough on the internet. With all emblems and A ranks. Although, I will NOT being doing Super Hard mode as it is too hard for me.
Part 1: Team Sonic - Seaside Hill
 7:45  Just started this today. Anyway, I start out as Team Sonic....
Part 2: Team Sonic - Seaside Hill Extra Mission
 5:55  The extra mission of Team Sonic's Seaside Hill stage. All...
Part 3: Team Sonic - Ocean Palace
 5:32  The second stage of Team Sonic, Ocean Palace.
Part 4: Team Sonic - Ocean Plalace Extra Mission
 5:47  Just like Seaside Hill, the time limit is 5 minutes.
Part 5: Team Sonic - Egg Hawk
 1:45  The first boss of the game, Egg Hawk. This is, in my opinion...
Part 6: Team Sonic - Grand Metropolis
 5:07  Team Sonic's third stage Grand Metropolis.
Part 7: Team Sonic - Grand Metropolis Extra Mission
 5:20  Team Sonic's Grand Metropolis Extra Mission time limit is...
Part 8: Team Sonic - Power Plant
 8:16  The fourth stage of Team Sonic, Power Plant..
Part 9: Team Sonic - Team Rose
 1:08  Each team has two team battles against each other. Team...
Part 10: Team Sonic - Power Plant Extra Mission
 13:04  The time limit is nine minutes.
Part 11: Team Sonic - Casino Park
 9:43  Team Sonic's fifth stage Casino Park.
Part 12: Team Sonic - Casino Park Extra Mission
 6:32  Casino Park is five minutes. 2 comments
Part 13: Team Sonic - Bingo Highway
 8:34  The sixth stage of Team Sonic, Bingo Highway. The casino...
Part 14: Team Sonic - Bingo Highway Extra Mission
 7:40  6 minutes is the time limit for Team Sonic's Bingo Highway...
Part 15: Team Sonic - Robot Carnival
 3:51  A swarm of enemies. There are two of these kind of things....
Part 16: Team Sonic - Rail Canyon
 6:33  The seventh stage of Team Sonic, Rail Canyon.
Part 17: Team Sonic - Rail Canyon Extra Mission
 9:36  5 minutes is Rail Canyon.
Part 18: Team Sonic - Bullet Station
 6:52  The eighth stage, Bullet Station. This is also the last...
Part 19: Team Sonic - Bullet Station Extra Mission
 7:05  The first video on tape 2. Anyway, the time limit is 6...
Part 20: Team Sonic - Egg Albatross
 3:34  This took me several tries, but I've finally done it. But...
Part 21: Team Sonic - Frog Forest
 6:06  Team Sonic's ninth stage Frog Forest.
Part 22: Team Sonic - Frog Forest Extra Mission
 5:52  The time limit is 5 minutes.
Part 23: Team Sonic - Lost Jungle
 7:46  The tenth stage, Lost Jungle.
Part 24: Team Sonic - Team Dark
 1:42  Team Sonic here battles Team Dark. I got a B on the first...
Part 25: Team Sonic - Lost Jungle Extra Mission
 7:19  The time limit is 6 minutes.
Part 26: Team Sonic - Hang Castle
 8:21  The eleventh stage Hang Castle.
Part 27: Team Sonic - Hang Castle Extra Mission
 7:22  The time limit is 6 minutes.
Part 28: Team Sonic - Mystic Mansion
 8:10  The twelfth stage Mystic Mansion.
Part 29: Team Sonic - Mystic Mansion Extra Mission
 9:11  The time limit is 7 minutes.
Part 30: Team Sonic - Robot Storm
 5:26  Another enemy battle called Robot Storm.
Part 31: Team Sonic - Egg Fleet
 8:54  The thirteenth stage Egg Fleet.
Part 32: Team Sonic - Egg Fleet Extra Mission
 8:34  The time limit is 9 minutes. But I did it within 8. This is...
Part 33: Team Sonic - Final Fortress
 10:14  The first video of tape 3. And the last stage. And for...
Part 34: Team Sonic - Final Fortress Extra Mission
 15:26  The time limit is 9 minutes. And yeah, I should've cut the...
This guide is currently in-progress. It was last updated on August 18, 2017.
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