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Tales of Phantasia
Mar 6, 2006
~27 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Mar 8, 2019 90 43:47:18 HD Game Boy Advance RSS
It started out as a simple hunt for young Cress and his friend Chester. But it soon turned to tragedy as their home was destroyed upon return, and now they and their new friends must cross time to find the one responsible for the deaths of their loved ones...
Our Tale Begins...
 30:22  Opening, Toltus, and South Woods
Tragedy And Resolve
 29:57  South Woods, Toltus, Euclid, and Prison
Escaping the Prison
 30:04  Prison, Catacombs, and Morrison's Home
Delving Into The Catacombs
 29:52  Morrison's Home, Toltus, Euclid, and Catacombs
Deep Trouble
 30:05  Catacombs and Morrison's Home
Return of the Ancient King
 30:34  Catacombs to Belladem
Meeting Claus
 30:22  Belladem to Euclid Village
An Evil Wind Blows
 30:03  Euclid Village, Lone Valley, and Hamel
Daemonium's Poisonous Fog
 29:59  Lone Valley
Withering Magic
 30:00  Lone Valley, Euclid Village, Belladem, and Forest of Spirits
A Plea For Help
 30:00  Forest of Spirits to Venezia
Demitel's Castle
 29:30  Venezia to Demitel's Manor
Setting Off For Alvanista
 29:31  Demitel's Manor to Ship
Alvanista's Mach Dash
 30:24  Ship to Alvanista
A Prince Possessed
 29:59  Arsia's Manor to Alvanista Castle
The Cavern of Spirits
 30:00  Alvanista Castle to Cavern of Spirits
Burying Gnome...And A Friend
 30:01  Cavern of Spirits to Port
A Father's Confession
 30:02  Port to Southern Oasis
The Sorcerer's Ring
 30:00  Central Oasis to Cave of Burning Sand
Efreet, Ruler of Flames
 24:00  Cave of Burning Sand to Venezia
The Isolated Limestone Cave
 30:10  Limestone Cave
Undine and the Morlia Mineshaft
 29:53  Limestone Cave to Morlia Mineshaft Summon: Undine
Depths of the Mineshaft
 30:21  Morlia Mineshaft
The Ancient Tablet
 26:56  Morlia Mineshaft
Maxwell and the Broken Ring
 28:45  Morlia Mineshaft to Olive
Morrison Lives?
 15:16  Olive to Alvanista
The Forest of Elves
 29:49  Ymir to Treantwood
Restoring the Rings
 31:58  Treantwood
Dramatic Reunions and Partings
 30:31  Treantwood to Ymir
The Mischievious Pixie
 29:34  Ymir to Midgards
Tower of the Zodiac
 30:33  Tower of the Zodiac
Meeting Luna
 29:54  Tower of the Zodiac
Morrison's Gambit
 29:57  Midgards to Valhalla Plains
The Battle of Valhalla Plains
 31:24  Valhalla Plains to Midgards
Aerial Assault
 30:34  Midgards to Valhalla Plains
Dhaos's Castle
 30:53  Dhaos's Castle
Switch On, Switch Off
 23:11  Dhaos's Castle
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...
 30:21  Dhaos's Castle
The Battle With Dhaos
 30:16  Dhaos's Castle to Euclid
The Maiden and the Unicorn
 29:40  Belladem to White Birch Forest
To The Sunken City
 30:10  Forest of Spirits to Thor
The Mother Computer
 19:03  Thor
Back To The Present...And Future
 29:13  Thor to Miguel
Son of a Sword Master
 30:02  Miguel
Meeting the King of Euclid
 28:32  Mountain Passage to Venezia
Alvanista's Latest Magitech
 30:07  Venezia to Volt's Cave
The Mysterious Girl
 29:43  Volt's Cave
The Thunderous Volt
 23:14  Volt's Cave to Morrison's Manor
Techbirds Take Flight
 30:01  Euclid to Lone Valley
Good Cook, Bad Cook
 30:03  Lone Valley to Limestone Cave
Old Faces and New Places
 30:12  Limestone Cave to Arlee
Shadow and Light
 30:01  Arlee to Venezia
Duel With The Deathgaze
 30:04  Venezia to Demitel's Manor
Desert Trading
 21:28  Demitel's Manor to Freyland Desert
Aska, Bird of Light
 30:16  Gheeth's Shop to Thor
Too Hot To Handle
 30:06  Thor to Tower of Flames
Temple of Fenrir
 30:27  Olive to Cave of Ice
Traversing the Cave of Ice
 29:09  Cave of Ice
Out of the Freezer, and into the Fryer
 30:15  Cave of Ice to Tower of Flames
Through The Fire and Flames
 30:22  Tower of Flames
The Fire Blade
 30:13  Tower of Flames to Elf Colony
The Hidden Ninja Village
 30:37  Elf Colony to Ninja Village
Forging the Eternal Sword
 29:45  Ninja Village to Arlee
Dhaos's Castle Revealed!
 29:07  Arlee to Alvanista
Ifreed's Treasure Hunt
 30:05  Sidequest: Ifreed's Treasure Hunt
The Euclid Arena
 30:14  World Map to Euclid
Ninja Girl Suzu Joins The Heroes!
 29:51  Euclid to Tower of the Zodiac
Reflecting on the Past
 30:02  Tower of the Zodiac to Morlia Mineshaft
Chameleon of Daemonium
 26:35  Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
The Mineshaft Depths
 30:00  Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
Lighting Up The Dark Maze
 30:00  Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
The Maze of Statues
 29:54  Morlia Mineshaft (Lower Levels)
Guardian of the Dwarven Temple
 30:25  Lower Morlia Mineshaft Summon: Gremlin Lair
Arche's Magic Extension
 31:17  Dwarven Temple
Pluto, King of the Underworld
 25:41  Dwarven Temple Summon: Pluto
The Long Way Back
 31:54  Heading back through the Lower Morlia Mineshaft
Cress The Champion
 29:54  Euclid (Arena)
The Ninja's Test
 31:31  Ninja Village to Euclid
Climbing the Arena Ranks
 26:14  Euclid (Arena)
Training in the Arena
 27:28  Euclid (Arena)
Star of the Arena
 32:57  Euclid (Arena)
The Final Arena Fights
 31:21  Euclid (Arena)
 29:58  Dhaos's Castle
The Heroes Reunited!
 29:44  Dhaos's Castle
Breaking the Seal Eyes
 30:30  Dhaos's Castle
Ascending to the Heavens
 25:29  Dhaos's Castle
Time to End This! The Final Battle!
 37:39  Dhaos's Castle
Let's Go Arche! Pt. 1
 28:21  Let's Go Arche! This epilogue minigame is unlocked after c...
Let's Go Arche! Pt. 2
 31:59  Let's Go Arche! Pt. 2 Doing the other missions and the spe...
Let's Go Arche! The Love Potion
 11:24  Completing remaining mission and showing funny "Love Potion"...

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