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Golden Sun
Nov 11, 2001
~15 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Jul 29, 2017 50 22:54:56 Game Boy Advance RSS
After a fierce storm, a young adept named Isaac begins an incredible journey to determine the fate of the world along with his companions.
Exploring Vale
 26:33  Vale
The Heart of Sol Sanctum
 27:03  Sol Sanctum
The Journey Begins
 27:40  Sol Sanctum and Vale
The Vault Thieves
 30:56  Vault
Ivan Reveals All
 25:05  Vault and Goma Cave
Bilibin's Dillema
 24:51  Bilibin
The Curse of Kolima Forest
 30:24  Kolima and Kolima Woods
Pushing Through Kolima Forest
 29:02  Kolima Forest
Calming Tret's Wrath
 27:18  Kolima Forest
The Mercury Lighthouse
 30:51  Mercury Lighthouse
Trials of the Lighthouse
 21:10  Mercury Lighthouse
Saturos Strikes Back!
 29:57  Mercury Lighthouse
Healing Tret and Kolima
 28:08  Kolima Forest, Kolima, and Bilibin
The Trials of Fuchin Falls Cave
 23:58  Fuchin and Fuchin Falls Cave
Mogall Forest
 29:35  Mogall Forest
The Flooding of Aldin
 27:25  Aldin
Draining The Mines
 29:18  Aldin Mines
Revealing Truths
 28:58  Aldin and Lama Temple
The Lamakin Desert
 29:30  Lamakin Desert
Manticore and Kalay
 29:37  Lamakin Desert and Kalay
The Secret of Vault Cave
 29:00  Kalay, Vault, and Vault Cave
Za Warudo!
 28:07  (Obligatory Jojo reference in title) Vault Cave and Vale Ca...
Treasure Hunting in Bilibin Cave
 18:30  Bilibin Cave
Setting Sail For Tolbi
 30:51  Kalay Harbor and Ship
The Town of Tolbi
 29:11  Tolbi
Isaac's Lucky Day
 28:04  Trying the Tolbi Spring
Tolbi's Games of Chance
 29:47  Trying the Dice and Lucky Slots
The Invisible Man
 31:35  Altos Cavern
Lord Babi's Proposal
 20:51  Alta Cave and Tolbi
The Colosso Challenge
 30:51  Colosseum
Babi's Request
 23:55  Tolbi to Lunpa
Sneaking Into Lunpa
 29:17  Lunpa
Reunion With Hammet
 26:29  Lunpa
Treasure Hunting in Lunpa and Kalay
 28:10  Lunpa and Kalay
Meeting Iodem in Suhalla
 25:00  Suhalla
The Sandstorms of Suhalla Desert
 29:39  Suhalla Desert
Entering Venus Lighthouse
 29:52  Venus Lighthouse (1st half)
Taking Stock in Lalivaro
 29:10  Venus Lighthouse to Lalivaro
The Search For Sheba
 29:28  Babi's Lighthouse and Venus Lighthouse
Climbing Venus Lighthouse
 29:45  Venus Lighthouse
The Other Path
 28:05  Venus Lighthouse
Welcome To Crossbone Isle
 29:29  Crossbone Isle
The Treasures of Crossbone
 21:14  Crossbone Isle
The Final Djinn
 29:46  Crossbone Isle
The Heart of Crossbone
 29:38  Crossbone Isle
Vs. Deadbeard
 15:26  Deadbeard Boss Fight (Crossbone Isle)
The Fire Clan's True Strength
 33:53  Venus Lighthouse (Final Boss Fight)
Another Journey Begins...
 16:51  Lalivaro, Ending, and Credits

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