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Hello everyone, how are you.
Name's EmoSith51(five one)
call me Charles, Jaxx, what ever you like as long as its appropriate or you know me.

I am a 14y who likes Video Games and is starting to learn how to do LP's if you have any tips then that would be appritiated,

my current status is that im trying to get money to get the equipment needed for recording LP's

My thoughts on what i might record first are probably anything thats fighting or RPG

I tell things like they are TO ME, if i am wrong and do not see that then i apologize for not seeing that, If you get in my face, rest assure I WILL GET IN YOURS, i do respect everyones decision(as well as the staff and Mods)

Thank You For Your Time
-EmoSith51 </3

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DavetheUsher 9 years ago
Prob not.
emosith51 9 years ago
lets play, its sort of a step by step video tutorial of the main storyline for a game with commentary(or not)while it can also be for multiplayer, side quests, achievement hunting, or 100% completion of a game
samich4meh 9 years ago
can u tell me wat lp is, i really dont know
emosith51 9 years ago
playin inklink, anyone wanna join. its all users sassy shockwave on easy with hints. im in green lanturn, see you there

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