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I dont see point in recording games anymore.
Reach milestones to unlock badges.
dsr07letsplay 8 years ago
All uploads are stopped for couple days untill we see what will happen with ACTA.
dsr07letsplay 8 years ago
2 more parts from LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 and then more Rainbow Six Vegas 2 uploads until end. First episodes of Lets Play Hunted The Demons Forge are recorded, coming up soon ! More games in plan, for more info check out description.
dsr07letsplay 8 years ago
Again issues with uploading videos. In playlist video is long 18 minutes but when you try to watch that same video you have only 3 minutes there. New format, new render settings and I dont have luck. Parts 5,14 and 18 of LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 reuploads in progress.
TheMDFGaming 8 years ago
Nice :D We're kinda far away :P So,how long are you planing to stay there? :D Sorry if i'm boring :P :D
TheMDFGaming 8 years ago
YOU'R IN SERBIA???! :D That's awesome ! Where exacly?
xXKurantXx 8 years ago
It's awful. But I had fun.

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