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gamingprincess 6 years ago
I just wanted to say again that I love ur walkthroughs, I go to u just to listen to u discrible things, I h ope u never stop doing them, I guess im a fan hehhhhe
dsR07mm 6 years ago
It's fine here :( Maybe it's flash or something with gameanyone player ? Did you tried to watch directly on youtube ? Weird, which video particilary ?
gamingprincess 6 years ago
why in the evil within I get a circle as if its loading and loading I have to reload the game to watch then circle my bandwith is fine but ur not loading why
dsR07mm 6 years ago
Thats weird :/ Sry for late response, I wish that GA have notification system for wall messages :(
gamingprincess 6 years ago
ok now im a real nut case ican hear u but after u leave your walk in space a commercial takes over and its just a black screen and ur voice; wtf this never happened before; I watched u last nght and earlier tonight now I canot;
gamingprincess 6 years ago
just a note isolation is he best in ai and graphics ive ever played and ive done all alien movies; ok there is a commercial for Hercules that makes me reboot ur walkthrough makes screen black can hear u not see anything unless I redo my request a real pain in the u know what

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