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Welcome to my channel.
I mostly put Pc Games but i Also upload from other systems
Finally my walkthroughs never have commentary. I play for story not skill.

Computer Specs:
AMD Phneom X4 645 3.10 Ghz
7Gb Ram
Windows 7 64xbit
Gtx 750

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Nvidia Screen Recorder

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Fallout New Vegas - "Ain't That a Kick in the Head"
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Nightmares from the Deep The Sirens Call - "Helping Hand"
Saved your ally from a tight spot.
Stacking - "Strike Breaker"
Completed the Train Strike Adventure.
Stacking - "Seasoned Swashbuckler"
Completed the Gilded Steam Ship Adventure.
Stacking - "Well Trained Traveler"
Completed the Triple Decker Tank Engine...
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