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GreyFox666 9 years ago
You are awesome and fearless in your dead space walkthroughs!! I-I'm to afraid to play dead space myself... but I'm mighty enjoying your videos! ROCK ON !
Dzmi13 9 years ago
Are you really gone from GA?, You're one of my favourite LPer. Say it isn't so!!
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
i shall serve for world domination master
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
if you get this im joining ur army of world domination but i lost my youtube account i forgot my password and usrname soo i'll be a hidden member
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
dude ur awesome
cerberus 9 years ago
btw dias, i'm watching your lp of resident evil 0 i like it ^^ keep up the good work.

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Hydrophobia Prophecy - "Honour"
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Magicka - "First Blood "
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