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I'm a classic gaming Playthrougher with 400+ projects done in over 3 years.
I also have a lot of experience doing live streams. I've broadcasted hundreds of games from the most important classic systems (including rom hacks, arcades, 8-bit games, 16-bit games, among others).
I'll be uploading some of my Youtube projects on this page but I'll be also doing GameAnyone exclusives.


Twitter: chretrogamer
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 2010 Best Puzzler
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
Thanks for the Sub. =D
Riddler13 9 years ago
newfiebangaa 9 years ago
I didn't know they did hacks on this site now. Good to know.
greven 9 years ago
hola wn <- !
AlexStark7 9 years ago
Por Dios! Eres de chile D: Yo tb xD Pensaba que a mi me gustaba lo "retro"... nah, soy del 90' en adelante xD Buen Trabajo! :3
Quackstar84 9 years ago
Well Done =)

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