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TrueGameWalkthroughs 22 days ago
Well if you think of anything else by all means suggested it or if you want, you can summit videos if you'd like
TrueGameWalkthroughs 23 days ago
Right now, I'm working on recording the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection and editing the Life is Strange series but maybe Halo 5 or Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or both... any suggestions?
TrueGameWalkthroughs 2 months ago
It's okay, I'll probably ask some friends if they have ether one :3
TrueGameWalkthroughs 2 months ago
I looked on amazon and as much as I hate doing this, I might have to use an emulator to play them.
TrueGameWalkthroughs 2 months ago
I'll look into that game as well and thank you again for suggesting games and I'll try to get ahold of them and hopefully get these videos out for you, until then I would suggest newer games right now because they'd be easier to get and get done.
TrueGameWalkthroughs 2 months ago
I'll look into doing a 100% Walkthough for "Muppet Monster Adventure" and thank you for requesting it and if you have any other games you wanna request you can comment/message them to me on here or on my youtube but for right now I'm working on Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn and MGSV: The Phantom Pain... thank you again.

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