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newfiebangaa 3 days ago
Your suggestion ain't bad, but I don't have the Secret Agent Clank game or games yet. Maybe someday that will change.
HelloJapan960 7 days ago
I wasn't planning on playing through the spin-off titles, I could look into it though.
HelloJapan960 1 month ago
I will at some point. I will make an update video soon explaining when what videos will be released when.
HelloJapan960 1 month ago
Funny you ask because I actually have God of War 2 ready to be rendered and I have another secret project I just started with my little brother that I think you and everyone will enjoy. :)
HelloJapan960 2 months ago
Yep, I know. I actually have finished the game already and I am just slowly uploading the parts.
Mactin 4 months ago
Thanks for the help you been giving me lately.

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