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Roxas1359 17 days ago
I mentioned in the update video it's gonna be 358/2 Days.
Roxas1359 2 months ago
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.
Roxas1359 4 months ago
They go up Monday through Friday on my YouTube Channel. I can't add the videos onto here while I have videos set to scheduled. I've got two weeks set to scheduled.
TrueGameWalkthroughs 5 months ago
I can do that one :3
TrueGameWalkthroughs 6 months ago
Well if you think of anything else by all means suggested it or if you want, you can summit videos if you'd like
TrueGameWalkthroughs 6 months ago
Right now, I'm working on recording the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection and editing the Life is Strange series but maybe Halo 5 or Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or both... any suggestions?

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