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hello my name is ZE FART i am a young(15) gamer both competitive and laid back my Psn is "connorfaulkner96" i can take a joke and i am from scotland.

Country: Scotland (UK)

Continent: Europe

Favourite meal: Italian and Mexican

Favourite drink: pepsi max or a J2O

Favourite films: Alien and predator series (NOT THE AVPs!!!!!!)

Favourite Music: HEAVY METAL

Favourite books: anything written by J.R.R.Tolkien or C.S.Lewis

Favourite Mags: Play and Powerstaion

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DeathEater 9 years ago
ts ok dude no worry
DeathEater 10 years ago
hay man i like ur pic awsome movie
Aloyalgamer 10 years ago
Sorry for the delay, a lot has been happening to me lately, lol. I will start both Uncharteds when I get a better editing Rig custom made, which won't be until late July, unfortunately. I just need more than a Core2Duo laptop to edit and render the files. It can handle it, but it takes like an hour to render taking up 98% of my CPU. Not good. I'll keep you guys updated, don't worry
Pendragon2 10 years ago
It's no problem, being too active is waay better than not posting at all, and I didn't stop and realize that all of you're posts are on topic and relevant, sorry on my end :)
Pendragon2 10 years ago
Bro, calm down on posting on every single thread... it's good to be active and all, but that's kind of ridiculous... (oh, and btw I didn't figure this out for a while, you don't get credits or post counts for posting in forum games)
TehNevs 10 years ago
no I use Hauppauge HD Pvr. Dazzle does not record in HD

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