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jody1234 5 years ago
I just watch season 1 of the walking dead. All 5 episodes. Excellent walkthru. Are you going to record season 2 of the walking dead? I sure hope so.
jody1234 5 years ago
I just finished watching myths of the world 1. I liked it.
jody1234 5 years ago
I just finished watching all of the 3 games of the empress of the deep. All 3 games were very good. Good job.
jody1234 6 years ago
My pleasure. Very fine walkthru you got.
stargif 6 years ago
I only come here for your videos. I like the way you talk to your listeners. Is it likely that you will be doing Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove? It just came out on 11/26/2014? Judy
Photocrazy 7 years ago
Watched Abyss Wraths of Eden bonus, to verify I did it right, 4 some reason when I put the handle in the gear puzzle the 1st gear wouldn't turn, finally had 2 hit hint and it started after I had all gears in. I could get through a game in 3 hours if I hit the hint button and skipped puzzles like that. Took me about 6 hours to play, but used no hints and finished every puzzle, in Advanced mode.

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