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Emily Wants To Play
Sep 9, 2016
SKH Apps
~1 hours play time
It’s 11pm and the last house on your route. The windows are boarded up but the front door is open, strange place to deliver a pizza. You’re getting soaked from the rain, so you step inside the house. That was a bad idea.
"Emily Wants To Play" Achievements
Emily Wants To Play has 11 total achievements. 0 Total Videos 0 Total Texts
Achievement Title Videos Texts Bounty
MLG Pizza Delivery
Persevere through 5am.
0 0 3,000
Strange Parents
He hid the entrance, so that no one would ever find it.
0 0 2,000
You should have listened. :)
0 0 2,000
Warm Sunlight
Escape Emily, her dolls and the house.
0 0 2,000
Creepy Invitation
JOIN US! We are one we are one we are one.
0 0 1,000
Never Let Them Leave
Find the recording from the dolls.
0 0 1,000
No Peek-A-Boo For you
Survive the midnight hour.
0 0 1,000
Live through 1am.
0 0 1,000
Such A Happy Girl
You probably shouldn't have jumped down in the hole.
0 0 1,000
That Was Easy
Figure out how to survive 4am.
0 0 1,000
You are not "it"!
Survive 2am without getting caught.
0 0 1,000
There may be additional achievements or trophies depending on your console, region, or version of the game. Creating a video guide for any of the achievements with bounties will award you with gold.