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TBA 2016
Daedalic Entertainment
The gods of old are forgotten, lost in the events that shattered the world, leaving only pieces of islands in the sky. As one of the last shape shifters, you are sent on a journey to the Land of Gods. Uncover the secrets to help save reality itself.
"AER" Achievements
AER has 22 total achievements. 0 Total Videos 0 Total Texts
Achievement Title Videos Texts Bounty
Explore the Land of Gods.
0 0 4,000
Attuned to the spirits
Speak to all of the spirit animals.
0 0 3,000
Discover all areas of the map.
0 0 3,000
Complete the game.
0 0 3,000
Knowledge for Power
Complete the The Archives.
0 0 3,000
Mausoleum of Ice
Complete the The Monastery.
0 0 3,000
People's Haven
Complete the Eventide Sanctuary.
0 0 3,000
An uninvited guest
Find the Crab Island.
0 0 2,000
Antlers of Stone
Find the statue of the deer.
0 0 2,000
Baa from the past
Find the Ancient Llamba.
0 0 2,000
Condor condo
Find the giant birdshrine.
0 0 2,000
Gaze into the abyss
Find the dwellings of the rift cult.
0 0 2,000
Hide and Seek
Find Erin when she's gone.
0 0 2,000
In the belly of the beast
Find the bones of an old beast.
0 0 2,000
Light at the end of the tunnel
Escape the collapsing cave.
0 0 2,000
Get some Lambaby love.
0 0 2,000
Find the ancient battlefield.
0 0 2,000
Ripples on the surface
Step into the well.
0 0 2,000
Tails of Stone
Find the statue of the fox.
0 0 2,000
Wings of Stone
Find the statue of the crane.
0 0 2,000
Written in stone
Find the chiseled stone map.
0 0 2,000
Talk to all the spirit animals
Speak to all of the spirit animals.
0 0 1,000
There may be additional achievements or trophies depending on your console, region, or version of the game. Creating a video guide for any of the achievements with bounties will award you with gold.