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UFC 2009 Undisputed
May 19, 2009
There are no video walkthroughs for UFC 2009 Undisputed on X360 at this time. If there are any video walkthroughs for this game recorded from a different console, they will be displayed above.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Ultimate Knockout
From the gassed state, KO an opponent in any mode.
0 0 15
Ultimate Submission
From the gassed state, Submit an opponent in any mode.
0 0 15
Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces
Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out.
0 0 15
Two of my favorites!
Watch the Octagon Girl cutscene 15 times without skipping it.
0 0 15
Ultimate Highlights
Dominate the opponent in all 3 scenes of a replay segment.
0 0 15
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