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Achievement Guide
Demons Souls
"Toughest Soul Trophy"

All Trophies Obtained
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Transformers: The Game
Jun 26, 2007
Traveller's Tales
Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Dial up some pain for your enemy. Use the Helio phone as a weapon.
0 0 10
I know Kung-Fu
You are quite skilled Grasshoppa. Perform 1000 punches
0 0 30
Pit Crew
Stop your enemy in their tracks!! Use a large tire to harm your enemy.
0 0 10
Weapon Systems Inactive
Your enemy knows the might of your fist. Complete Suburbs Chapter 1 using only melee attacks
0 0 20
Sharp Shooter
You're destructive and efficient. Complete Airbase Chapter 3 with more than 2:30 minutes remaining.
0 0 40
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