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Achievement Guide
Majo to Hyakkihei
"Chapter 9, Part 2 Clear!"

The Witch and the Lonely Soul,...
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The Last Remnant
Nov 20, 2008
Square Enix
Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
The Final Instance
You have finished the quest 'Things Unchangeable.' Congratulations!
1 0 200
The Godslayer
You have defeated the Fallen. You are now the Godslayer!
1 0 140
The Rules of Consecution
Are you keeping an eye on the chain count? Try to get as high a number as possible.
0 0 30
The Last Remnant
You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last Remnant...
0 0 200
Lost Words of the Gods
You have spent over 100,000G. Would you like some investment advice?
0 0 10
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