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Rock Band 3
Oct 26, 2010
MTV Games
Harmonix Music
~9 hours play time
Released in 2010, Rock Band 3 is a music game that includes 83 songs, many selected to emphasize the keyboard instrument. Various downloadable songs can be added to the game.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Most Authentic Strummer
Hit 100% of the notes, only strumming up, on Hard Bass.
1 1 10
Drum Trainer Initiate
Completed the introductory Pro Drum Trainer lessons.
1 0 15
Self-Made Dude or Lady
Created a Character.
1 0 5
Tune Up
Calibrated your audio/video setup for the optimal Rock Band 3 experience.
1 0 4
The Perfect Drug
Somehow managed a 200 note streak on "The Perfect Drug".
0 0 30
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