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Rock Band 3
Oct 26, 2010
MTV Games
Harmonix Music
~9 hours play time
Released in 2010, Rock Band 3 is a music game that includes 83 songs, many selected to emphasize the keyboard instrument. Various downloadable songs can be added to the game.
Complete Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added Complete
HD Walkthrough (PS3) 125 9:07:09 HelloJapan960
3 years ago
Abandoned Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added Abandoned
HD Walkthrough 1 0:05:34 urbanowlgaming
1 year ago
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Most Authentic Strummer
Hit 100% of the notes, only strumming up, on Hard Bass.
1 1 10
Drum Trainer Initiate
Completed the introductory Pro Drum Trainer lessons.
1 0 15
Self-Made Dude or Lady
Created a Character.
1 0 5
Tune Up
Calibrated your audio/video setup for the optimal Rock Band 3 experience.
1 0 4
The Perfect Drug
Somehow managed a 200 note streak on "The Perfect Drug".
0 0 30
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