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Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
Nov 17, 2009
Traveller's Tales
There are no video walkthroughs for Lego Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues on X360 at this time. If there are any video walkthroughs for this game recorded from a different console, they will be displayed above.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
No defiant last words Dr. Jones?
Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)
0 0 100
What are they? Spacemen?
Unlock the Interdimensional Being. (Single Player Only)
0 0 40
You choose the wrong friends.
Complete all Story Levels in Quick Play modes. (Single Player Only)
0 0 50
A long time to wait.
Unlock the Grail Knight. (Single Player Only)
0 0 40
Not as easy as it used to be.
Complete Hangar 51 in under 5 minutes.
0 0 25
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