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Final Fantasy XII The...
"Master Thief"

Successfully stole 50 times.
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Nov 4, 2010
Microsoft Game Studios
Frontier Dev.
There are no video walkthroughs for Kinectimals on X360 at this time. If there are any video walkthroughs for this game recorded from a different console, they will be displayed above.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Don’t Look Down
Climbed to the top of a tree for the first time.
0 0 10
Master Angler
Caught one of each fish.
0 0 10
Don’t Drop Me Now
Completed the juggling contest in Suva Cave without dropping a ball.
0 0 20
Bear Necessities
Achieved at least a bronze medallion for every contest on Mira in your own game.
0 0 25
Discovered every part of the map on both Lemuria and Mira in your own game.
0 0 50
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