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Achievement Guide
Murdered Soul Suspect
"The Bell Tower Banshee"

Uncovered The Bell Tower...
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Nov 16, 2005
Neversoft Ent.
Complete Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added
Walkthrough (PS2) 39 6:23:06 JohnnyFox
before time
Walkthrough 28 3:46:58 BonersGames
before time
Walkthrough (PC) 37 6:56:16 RaSan69
5 years ago
HD Walkthrough (PC) 14 3:17:23 TehSpeedyHomer
4 years ago
Walkthrough (PC) 19 6:33:25 luke1618
11 months ago
HD Walkthrough (PC) 12 6:24:40 lyubomir1111
10 months ago
HD Walkthrough2 25 4:18:16 tngrg
3 months ago
Walkthrough (PC) 27 5:48:15 kirroland
2 months ago
Abandoned Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added
HD Walkthrough (PC) 7 7:39:36 videogamecarnag
2 months ago
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Stage Coach Complete
Progress through the 'Stage Coach' level on any difficulty.
1 0 20
Law and Order Complete
Progress through the 'Law and Order' level on any difficulty.
1 0 20
Professional Prospector
Mine every gold ingot in the West.
0 0 40
The Unrivaled Horseman
Find and complete all of the Horse Challenges.
0 0 40
Every weapon collected.
Collect every weapon in the game.
0 0 40
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