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Horizon Zero Dawn
"Ended the war machine threat"

Ended the threat of the...
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Fable II
Oct 21, 2008
Microsoft Game Studios
Lionhead Studios
~17 hours play time
Complete Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough 82 14:04:40 leitakashi
8 years ago
Walkthrough (Evil) 74 9:53:25 xcaliz0rz
9 years ago
Walkthrough 52 8:33:23 Auron9898
8 years ago
Walkthrough 88 24:46:26 JoshuaAmaron
6 years ago
HD Walkthrough22 36 19:03:10 Roxas1359
2 years ago
HD Walkthrough2 35 17:00:35 mrsetokami
1 year ago
Abandoned Title Recorded by
Walkthrough 4 0:40:55 cthulhuigi
3 years ago
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
The Archaeologist
You, or a friend, excavated a site discovered by the dog and found something.
4 0 5
The Hunter
So, proud of yourself? Big brave hunter killed an innocent rabbit? How do you sleep at night?
3 0 5
The Meteorologist
You, or a friend, recovered all the totems in Knothole Island and reactivated the Weather Chamber.
2 0 50
The Rogue
You, or a friend, managed to steal something from a house while people stood nearby.
2 0 5
The Parent
You, or a friend, have contributed to the population of Albion.
2 0 10
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