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Sleeping Dogs Definitive...
"Slight Silver"

Achieve 5 Silver Stat Awards.
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Blood Drive
Oct 26, 2010
There are no video walkthroughs for Death Drive on X360 at this time. If there are any video walkthroughs for this game recorded from a different console, they will be displayed above.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Gotta Kill 'em All
Killed 20,000 Zombies
0 0 100
Death Rider's Legacy
Complete the Hardcore Cup with all Drivers
0 0 50
"O" Is for Overachiever
Placed first in every Event in Tournament Mode
0 0 75
Multiplayer: Came in first in 5 Checkpoint Race Events
0 0 35
Fear the Reaper
Racked up over 100 kills in a single Killing Spree
0 0 25
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