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"Level One Demon"

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Dance Central
Nov 4, 2010
Microsoft Game Studios
Harmonix Music
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
A Lover and a Dancer
Passed these moves: Boy Band, Earache, Love Warrior, and Palpitation.
0 0 15
Robots Doin' It for Themselves
Successfully passed a robot move with ELIOT.
0 0 15
Living Legend
Reached the 'Living Legend' rank.
0 0 30
Age Before Booty
Passed these moves: Booty Bank, Booty Bump, Booty Down, Moonrise, Moonshine, and Rump Roast.
0 0 15
Passed these moves: Barbell, Boxer, Defense, Goal, Jock, Quarterback, and Run.
0 0 15
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