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"Chapter 2 Cleared"

Cleared Chapter 2.
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Arkadian Warriors
Dec 12, 2007
Sierra Online
Wanako Studios
There are no video walkthroughs for Arkadian Warriors on X360 at this time. If there are any video walkthroughs for this game recorded from a different console, they will be displayed above.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts GP
Snake Slayer
Finish the game by beating the Gorgon.
0 0 50
Merchant's Master
Buy or sell 100 items.
0 0 25
Treasure Hunter
Find 15 secret rooms.
0 0 25
God's Champion
Reach level 20 with any character.
0 0 20
Gold Miser
Accumulate 500000 Gold.
0 0 25
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