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Falling Skies: The Game
Oct 30, 2014
Little Orbit
~2 hours play time
Falling Skies The Game is a strategy RPG based on the television series Falling Skies. Take command of a resistance squadron and outsmart alien enemies using tactical warfare in a battle for mankind's existence.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts
There Are Four lights
Put all of the devices in the water in the "Deploy the Buoys" mission.
2 0
Clean Sweep
Collect all of the Trophies in the game.
0 0
Among the Elite
Send a soldier of each class into elite training.
0 0
Arms Race
Create all of the Volm weapons in the Workshop.
0 0
Defeat Mech-Leg to claim victory over the Espheni in the final story mission.
0 0
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