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Silent Hill 2
"Hard to Hit"

Receive less than 500 points...
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Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal
Oct 9, 2007
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Red Tribe
~4 hours play time
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Achievements Title Videos Texts
Great horny toads!!!
Find the Yosemite Sam trophy. Enter, o seeker of knowledge. That's you, fathead.
1 0
Hello, Mah Baby!
Find the Michigan J. Frog trophy. Do the Michigan rag!
1 0
Smash 200 Enemies. And I thought this was gonna be a dull day!
1 0
Gold! Gold!!
Collect 500,000 in coins. I need what little I've got
1 0
Gold! I'm rich!
Collect 250,000 in coins. Hmmm, not bad!
1 0
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