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Crash Team Racing Nitro...
"Dungeon Vaulter"

Use the shortcut in Cortex...
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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
~5 hours play time
"LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures" Achievements
LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures has 5 total achievements. 1 Total Videos 0 Total Texts
Achievement Title Videos Texts Bounty
Belloq's staff is too long.
Complete the "City of Danger" level in Story Mode.
0 0 1,000
DON'T call me Junior!
Complete the "Castle Rescue" level in Story Mode.
0 0 1,000
It's not the years honey...
Complete any level with out dying, without invincibility.
1 0 0
I can't believe what you did!
Disarm 100 enemies with the whip.
0 0 1,000
He no nuts. He's crazy!!
Smash 250 LEGO objects.
0 0 1,000
There may be additional achievements or trophies depending on your console, region, or version of the game. Creating a video guide for any of the achievements with bounties will award you with gold.