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I'm simply an average gamer who's looking forward to playthrough videos. Though I'm not exactly professional compared to many others around here, I try and do the best I can.

As with Contra 4, I have done old playthrough videos on a few other Contra games (i.e. Neo Contra) long ago on YouTube, but now that I have Dazzle, I plan on doing "improved" versions of them. Just gotta get the courage to use Dazzle for console games, let alone make sure it works on my computer...

When it comes to my playthrough videos on handheld games (whether with my DS Lite or the 3DS), I have my digital camera placed on top of some books on my laptop table; sometimes with a pillow in-between the table and the books to help me keep a steady hold on my game system. I know it ain't comfortable and can make my arms and hands feel a little sore, no matter how hard I try to ignore it, so please excuse any sudden shaky movements that may occur in said videos.

All in all, I don't have many playthroughs in store yet, but hey, make yourselves at home. =)
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Evilsoshi 7 years ago
I have not seen it sorry I used to be more active here.
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Oh it's been great . How about you ? So far just getting myself ready for school and maybe do walkthroughs every now and then . Oh yeah ha almost forgot to watch the rest . I should get on that tomorrow morning . Anyway , nice to hear from you .
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
okay then . Anyway , back to gaming again :) . Still uploading some stuff .
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
You going to play those games also?and No problem .
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Great ! I'm Just on my Fable Lost Chapters , doing the good side before the bad side . Long game ahead of me ha. Your playing your favorite game i see :D . Nostalgic huh .
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Writing is your hobby i see . Ill check it out sometime. I'll stop spaming you with comments ha . I'll keep chating along here xD. PM me or comment when ever you like to chat :D .

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