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Cosmic Star Heroine
Zeboyd Games
Alyssa L'Salle was one of the top secret agents at the Agency of Peace & Intelligence on the Planet Araenu. But when she uncovers a horrible conspiracy, she has to go rogue in order to save the day.
There are no complete English video walkthroughs for Cosmic Star Heroine at this time. If there are any in-progress walkthroughs, or walkthroughs in other languages, they will be displayed below.
Current Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough (PC) 5 1:15:05 theloladass
2 years ago
HD Walkthrough (PC) 8 6:28:38 FlamingGnats
2 years ago
HD Walkthrough (PC) 25 12:23:42 newfiebangaa
24 days ago
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Achieve all possible trophies.
0 0
Cosmic Star
Complete the game.
0 0
Gather at least 20 recruits for your ship.
0 0
Dem Bones
Defeat a true hero.
0 0
Eldritch Master
Defeat a cosmic entity.
0 0
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