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I sharpened my blade for all these years
Waiting to take my revenge.
The heads of those who tried to dethrone me
Will taste te cold steel, and then roll.
I took my path, my decisions are made
I now cheer with blood in my horn.
I reign my kingdom, your o nly choice to obey,
Speak to my axe then to me.
I am born a king and will die a king
The blade of my axe is my witness.
Deceivers' blood paves my way to the throne
I am here to stay!

Artist: Doomsword
Song: Steel Of My Axe
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ThunderTurkey 10 years ago
Yeah, I still going through physiotherapy for it, so another month and It should be kinda normal, but then I need to learn how to play bass and drums again.
VergilDante100 10 years ago
Only reason i denied your borderlands run was cause of the fact your hand according to your topic is all fucked up and your unable to use it to play, so you don't need to worry.

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