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how the hell do i get rid of my old walkthroughs (the ones that youtube deleted)?
Reach milestones to unlock badges.
Sryth 10 years ago
I was going to do it but then I just never got around to it.
Sryth 10 years ago
When I start what? :D
mackenzy123 10 years ago
reading your post above under your name that is what i would like to know i have seen no forum post about it
kiseruyoru 10 years ago
about 13 hours and camtasia will finish rendering to avi. another 8 for vegas to make 15min files that look better and another 8 to upload. . .then the first day's work of recording will be uploaded. I freaking HATE camtasia heh heh.
Cutter26947 11 years ago
I swear I know you from somewhere, or it could just be my crazy imagination.
Nitroburnerx 11 years ago
Okay, I'll start when I can.

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