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Welcome Everyone! Welcome to my GameAnyone page and I hope you enjoy your visit.

I have been a big fan of watching walkthroughs on youtube courtesy of guys like Zack, Dave, Volv, Skorch, and tons of others. So go ahead and subscribe to them, you won't be disappointed I can guarantee it (After you subscribe to me of course).

I own a PC, PS3, and a Xbox. I now own a Dazzle so I will be recording walkthroughs for all my consoles.

Playstation 3 - Squall0104
Xbox 360 - Banned
Email - (If you have any questions or requests)
Steam (PC) - whitesquall0104

I hope you enjoy my channel and my videos and on that note, adios.

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TheMessEffect 10 years ago
Hey man you make good walkthrougs gonne add ya, on playstation network.
kambous 10 years ago
Hey, just wondering if you were going to be doing any online games for L4D2?
Tinyo666 10 years ago
he still scares me lol

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