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Welcome to my channel.

If you have a question or you just wanna say "Hi.". Just post it or PM me. Feel free =)


SounD GalaxieZ

Play It Your Way!

I'm busy right now with other things which have a higher priority, so that's why most LP's are cancelled or outdated with updates.
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skyrimrules 8 years ago
No. I am spending alot of money on keeping my xboxlive and xbox360 updated. I'll let you know when there is progress. My sister friend is a tech person so I may get him to help. As for equipment I'm chasing down leads for some good deals.
skyrimrules 8 years ago
Yes Ghost Recon FS is awsome.
skyrimrules 8 years ago
I'm not recording because I don't yet have anything to record with. Plus I know nothing about tech or recording. I don't even understand the names of half of these things required to record. So before I will upload I will have to get a recording device and a Tech expert.
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
Thanks for the Sub. =D
Enders75809 8 years ago
Thanks for the sub!
PokemonUpload 8 years ago

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