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SoleO Snip3r V2
Level 6 Contributor
444 videos
11 games
Joined: Dec 8, 2008 (12 years ago)
Total Views: 179,826
Total Video Duration: 02d 09h 09m 40s

Current Games:

Current Walkthroughs:

-Halo Wars-
-Halo Reach-

*Lord of the Rings: The Third Age*
*Downhill Domination*
*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2*
*Splinter Cell: Convictions*
*Army of Two*

(-) In progress
(*) Still not sure of

Finished Walkthroughs:

Medal of Honor: Frontline
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Single and Co-op)
LotR: The Two Towers
Star Wars: Battlefront II (Co-op)
Halo: CE (Single and Co-op)
Halo 2 (Single and Co-op)
LotR: The Return of the King

My YT page:
killerplaythroughs 10 years ago
Hey i like your videos
JISM 11 years ago
Soleo...dude...shits gotten strange here since I left way back when. It scares me. Please don't tell me you don't remember me. I'm lost with all these fanboys runnin around here. <.<
VincesGames 11 years ago
soleo, how have you been? when do you think you will get back into walkthroughs?
ryguy270 11 years ago
I have to say that i love your universe topic while i had nothing to contribute, i loved going through and reading what other people had to say about it. Thank-you.
JoeSchulz 11 years ago
What happened to your Forum thread about Time?
nikol709 11 years ago
aaa forget it then

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