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Sup names Daniel you can call me SodaMonkey,SodaGod, or whatever you want well anywaz I like playing games and I love making walkthroughs for other people so enjoy ;)
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 2009 Best Puzzler
sandwiches 7 years ago
what use to say epic
BlackMateria 9 years ago
Some guise come and go. But I never leave :3
gamerplay5 9 years ago
he needs to pay for the games and he might not have the money
PokePwner96 9 years ago
hey soda can you do a Destroy all humans 2 walkthrough? ive been asking around if someone would do it but no replies cept one saying not my kinda game sorry please and if you dont want to thats fine
fire123456789 9 years ago
do me walkthoughs
Fatalnightshade 9 years ago
hey suse we should totally game in alien swarm

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