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I am apparently the Prez.

Football:Baltimore Ravens

Baseball:Baltimore Orioles

Soccer:Yeah right.

Walkthrough's coming December 21, 2012
Skorch82Fan 6 years ago
Was reminiscing and reading old stuff. Miss ya, friend! We need to catch up!
BlackMateria 7 years ago
lawl, sevy. Miss ya buddy
Skorch82Fan 10 years ago
Where you been, dawg?
argentiniangamer 10 years ago
lately i am missing all streams too, i wanted to watch the pokemern one but i got here at the end =(
Skorch82Fan 10 years ago
Me-too... Only-caught-like-2-since-we-last-spoke.
Skorch82Fan 10 years ago
Pretty-good,mang. You-shoulda-seen-Dave's-last-stream,I-was-in-the-chat.

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