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VGStuffed 10 years ago
camtasia can record mic
SamFisher 10 years ago
it's not free.and one more thing:the software i use in order to capture what's on the screen must also record the audio from my microphone
SamFisher 10 years ago
i never heard about it.Forget everything i said about Kubuntu, today it crashed and i won't be able to use it until a guy i know will come here and fix it.
VGStuffed 10 years ago
what about camtasia studio
SamFisher 10 years ago
be able to upload walkthroughs to Gameanyone, I will.I found a free recording program, but it records .avi, and only the pro version supports .flv recording.
SamFisher 10 years ago
i know, i thought about it, but I didn't find a free recording software(i used wubi and now i have windows vista and Kubuntu on my laptop.Kubuntu is faster and looks nicer, so i won't boot into Windows too soon, so the software must be compatible with Ubuntu).and I still don't know how to upload videos.I think you need an Youtube account, but I don't want one.If I have to create it in order to....

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