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Paladin's Quest
October 1993
Enix America, Inc.
Copya Systems
~11 hours play time
Paladin's Quest is a RPG that was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo. The game centers around a boy who, on a dare, activates an ancient machine and in doing so releases a being of immense power and evil.
Complete Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added Complete
Walkthrough 44 12:46:39 Mactin
4 years ago
Walkthrough 30 8:50:35 bcsbuster
1 year ago
Abandoned Title Videos Length Recorded by Popularity Added Abandoned
Walkthrough 54 8:53:47 mysteriousjg
1 year ago
HD Walkthrough 19 5:15:25 inthelittlewood
1 year ago
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