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People call me Jin for short. I'm a average gamer/anime watcher. I typically play action games and rpgs, so you'll see those type of games on my channel.

Things to note about my walkthroughs:

- All my walkthrough are non-commentary (With the exception of Demon's Souls)

- I cut out deaths

- I play whatever I'm in the mood to play. I don't record games just for the fact it's new. However, if a new game interests me and I enjoy it I'll record it

Recording Hardware: HD PVR 1212

Recording Software: Arcsoft Total Media Extreme

Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 12/Handbrake
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DirdyNerdy 7 years ago
No problem. Excellent Walkthroughs. =)
luckzgaertner 7 years ago
It's nothing!
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
Thanks! XP
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
Thanks for the Sub! :D
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Same here ha .
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Oh okay . You doing commentary or non?

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