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RealGamingScrubs is now TeamRespawn.

Youtube Channel:

TeamRespawn is a channel with multiple directors who strive to create fun and entertaining walkthroughs and tutorials. Stop by our Youtube channel sometime!

- Videos in 1080p
- Best Audio Quality
- No Loading Screens
- Bloopers Included at end of videos
- Organized Playlists

Twitter: @TeamRespawnTV

TheMDFGaming 7 years ago
Hey,thanks for subscribing! :)
Mactin 7 years ago
Thanks for the tip. I think of getting me a blue microphones yeti usb microphone
Mactin 7 years ago
Hey what do you I should do to improve my videos?
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Thats Great . I also signed up for your website . Going to put down some walkthroughs on there , but first i need to upload some on youtube :D. I was thinking since you already done halo wars ,3, & 4 . Would you like to do halo odst or reach with me for one of my next walkthroughs later on?(only if not busy) I know I'm going to be busy somewhat later on ha.
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Just chillin back for a few days. Hows your site going and everything else ?
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Whats good ?

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