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~Youtube accounts~

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XBL: Kanikou (Family account)

FFXI - Elexia Phoenix Server

FFXIV - Secret

I prefer non-commentary for easy of production for me as well because I may type fine English but I don't speak it that clearly verbally yet.
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Valis77 3 months ago
*poke* 8 years later.
Valis77 2 years ago
*poke* 6 years later.
ValisHD 2 years ago
*poke* 6 years later.
ValisHD 9 years ago
GreenKnightPendragon 9 years ago
And many thanks to you, too for answering my question. :D
GreenKnightPendragon 9 years ago
Hey man, I have some questions for you. I saw on that one of the rules for being a director is that you have to support as the only website or organization you submit game videos to. I have two questions about this: 1. Why is this? 2. You are a director, but you still upload game videos to YouTube. Didn't you break the rule? I ask this because I want to keep uploadin

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