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-Bit about myself-

Sup people. Im 22Years old gaming maniac from Finland. Just started Studying for Applied Sciences last year and living alone in my house as of now ;) .

-Bit about my so called "career"-
I started to make videos for gaming in youtube back in 2007 when it was still easy to get people watch your videos etc.

Quality wasn't the first thing people were looking at back then , i had bit rusty start then like most of the other people had but i got in line with other guidemakers slowly back then.

Around 2010 i had around 2million video views and 45k channel visits with around 700 Subcribers on my channel .

Bit after 2010 year passed youtube put my channel down (like with many other youtube users back then) due to new copyright problems with many gaming videos on many channels.

Since then i though i would give up making guides due to Youtube being total ass about having your videos kept safe or not.

Around 2013 i decided i might aswell try doing guides again and hope that people would notice me again.

-How my Videos Fare now-

its been 2years now and i got around 600 Videos and 120 Subscribers on my channel right now (always hoping to get more :) ) . I hope that this text got atleast bit of your interest about me ;) .

With kind regards:
Rantsi Prodcution (Fire that shall never die)

Ways to Contact me:
Steam: Rantsi92
PSN: Rantsi92
Battlenet: Rantsi#2361
Origin: Rantsi

My Current PC Specs:

@CPU: InterlCore i5-3570K 3.4Ghz
@GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
@VRAM: 4096 MB
@Memory: 8192 MB RAM DDR3

My youtube channel:
HelloJapan960 6 years ago
For a few months now. I think I got partnered back in September or October.
DukeVerde 7 years ago
GTA V contains *Way* more objectional content, in my opinion... Everyone leaves it unrestricted too. <_< I rather see a single, tasteful, sex scene than watch the garbage that is GTA V. X_x Also, if it's banned in even one region you might not want to record it at all. God knows you don't want death threats in your mail. XD
DukeVerde 7 years ago
All things considered, I would be more concerned about all those uncensored GTA V videos...
DukeVerde 7 years ago
The correct term is "Visual Novel". All the episodes where naughty bits happen are restricted, and none of them contain "Banned" acts. You can still watch the rest of the story and miss absolutely nothing major. Rapelay had no story, was some kind of sick simulation, and I do believe it's a banned game in most countries. <shrugs> Only mace would know, though.
Maceman 7 years ago
You have to censor it much more than that.
Maceman 7 years ago
It needs to be heavily censored

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