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batman9502 10 years ago
The "uploading thing" is that I upload when I can. In one week 20 hours goes to my job, 15+ hours goes to classes, and each video takes a few hours to edit/render/upload. Not to mention times when I'm out with friends or something. Frankly it's a miracle I get anything up at all.
batman9502 10 years ago
I don't know of any, but it seems like something that is easily Google'd.
SeveredHater 10 years ago
It's how I roll.
batman9502 10 years ago
Majora's Mask I'll definitely do at some point, though a time frame is currently undecided. Wind Waker will be a long time off if at all, never really was a fan of it.
anc2112 10 years ago
hi pokepwner96 Herd what you wrote and I have destroy all humans big Willy unleashed and I might do it.
batman9502 10 years ago
It's the Masked Man from Mother 3.

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