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Fish made of Pixels. I do non commentary playthroughs, In High Definition if it makes sense, meaning if it's a gameboy game it isn't in wide screen.

Games I've done:

Games I plan on doing:
A bunch of puzzle league games
Tony Hawk games
Other stuff added here soon.
Reach milestones to unlock badges.
Roxas1359 7 years ago
Not bad, just saw some of your Portal videos. It's always good to start out small, and as Mace said it takes a couple of games to get into the swing of it. Also, love your avatar.
Maceman 7 years ago
Whatever looks the best. Be your own judge.
Maceman 7 years ago
Your quality is great. It is good to render your videos in at least 720p, even for non-hd games.
Maceman 7 years ago
Cool! I love the Portal games.
Maceman 7 years ago
Just have fun and don't worry about views! It will take you a few games to really get the hang of things. Once you're situated, then you can see what you can do to increase your viewership.
Maceman 7 years ago
You can leave out the credits. Portal is definitely not a game that is going to get you many views; it has been recorded so many times already.

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