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About Me:
I've not tried my hand at doing an LP before but maybe one day I'll get around to it... Until then I'll try to be as active as time allows on the site and forums. I'm on my Ps3 quite often so if anyone is up for an online game that I've purchased feel free to ask.

PSN Account: Pendragon2
Skype: pendragon_2

Favorite Playstation Games:
-Assassin's Creed 2
-Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
-Jak and Daxter Series
-Sly Cooper Series
-Uncharted 1 & 2
-Final Fantasy X, XII, & XIII v
(Added for visuals if nothing else)

Favorite Books:
-Eragon series (Mainly Brisingr)
-Pendragon series (#7 Quillan)
-Dan Brown books

Favorite Movies:
...y'know what I'm just going to say anything with Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, or Russel Crowe in it...
As well as:
-I Robot
-LOTR Series
-School of Rock

Favorite Anime:
-Code Geasse R1 & 2
-Deathnote (Comics mostly)
-Naruto (Mainly Shippuden)
-Bleach (Season 3 at least)
-Dragonball Z (From childhood)

^All Favorites Highly Recommended
11 years ago
este juego esta mui interesante porque te remonta a los tiempos remotos

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