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Pablo 5 years ago
PS4 controller broke on me so i guess i have to find someway to record videos somewhere else till i get it fixed Assassin's creed unity is on postpone till then but i will try to record some computer games (if my computer is strong)
Pablo 5 years ago
Also keep on forgetting to play record on stuff so please don't get mad if the video jump from time to time
Pablo 5 years ago
A lot of stuff stopped me from up loading and recording 1. PSN 2. broke my beak 3.laziness
Pablo 5 years ago
Assassin's creed Unity videos are coming out soon I'm SO HYPED CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK!! Lays egg* Opps well that happened ok so till 1/1/15 starting on Satuday i will upload 30 min videos of COD AW so i can start the year fresh with Assassins! Happy Holidays. Pablo out
Pablo 5 years ago
if anyone wants to join the clan Pablo Nation i can/maybe can't play with you who knows
Pablo 5 years ago
Lol i'm not that good but hell i'm not giving up just yet!

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