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Metal Gear Solid V The...

Obtain all trophies.
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Yesterday Origins
Oct 13, 2016
Pendulo Studios
~6 hours play time
Go on a journey not only across the world, but across history itself. Follow the immortal heroes, John Yesterday and his other half Pauline, as they try to reproduce the potion and ritual that made them immortal.
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Filius diaboli
Escape the Inquisition.
0 0
Witch Recipe
Prove you're a black magic aficionado by trying to cook a typical witch recipe.
0 0
Last Call
Ask the waiter for a drink. I mean, the jailer.
0 0
Bedroom Optimization
Solve all puzzles in Pauline and John's flat swapping character a maximum of 2 times.
0 0
Dungeon Master
Interact with all hotspots and items inside the Inquisition dungeons.
0 0
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