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World to the West
Jun 9, 2017
Rain Games
~10 hours play time
World to the West is a standalone followup of Teslagrad, the indie hit that sold more than 1.6 million copies worldwide. A vast world of blue skies and dark caves awaits you in this 3D action adventure, as you try to unveil the mysteries of an ancient prophecy.
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
To see the future clear at last, first you gather all the past.
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See Future
A lens he crafted, to see the threads of times unfold.
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The Blue Boon
Through the essence blue, it might grant endless life.
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Tlaloc's Festering
But Tlaloc's mind grew dark, and the people's gifts would please him no more.
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Chal's Flood
In the end, Chal would call down the sky to end the blue fruit's cycle.
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